OK, its only a year away, how far in advance should the planning have started?


We’ve all asked ourselves this question! The answer is simple, you should have been planning already! When you start your planning for the wedding there is a process of finding a venue, finding a catering company, finding the right dress & tux, deciding who will be the 10bridesmaids and groomsmen, who’s going to be the best man, who is going to be the DJ, and the list goes on and on….

Do you really want to be figuring out all of the necessary things you need to plan for in the last year before your event? We all know that figuring everything out at the last minutes only creates more stress. Here are a few things you can do to ease the pain of your planning.

1. Recruit help from friends and family. You might think you can make all of the right decisions, but it never hurts to have another opinion and and outside opinion most importantly,”they are usually more honest”.

2. When your looking for a venue to have your wedding, you can look on some very well know wedding service sites like Wedding Wire or The Knot. They are reputable and often you can also read reviews about venues or services you are going to need for your event.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask vendors that you are already working with. Word of mouth is usually a good sign that someone is doing something right, that they would use their word to refer another vendor. Not saying that’s always the right choice, you have to use your own judgement and research.

4. Make sure to READ THEIR REVIEWS!! Everyone is the best in the world, make sure that their previous clients have said the same thing before you take their word for it.

5. Make sure you can get a face to face or a very informative phone call. Anyone who is scared to meet you has something to hide. Don’t be scared to ask them what accreditation’s they have received. A company doing things right should have some awards under their belt. Unless you are looking for a sub par wedding, don’t get sub par service.


Ultimately, we know everything has a budget. Find a wedding vendor you like and talk to them about your budget. Most of the time, a reputable company will work with a reasonable budget. If you are looking for an award winning DJ for your wedding or event call JAMMIN’ DJs Northern Colorado today for a free consultation and education! 720-209-3130 or email steve@myjammindjs.com