Should I assign seating for my reception or not?

seatingThis is always a hard decision and people opinions vary greatly on this issue. Some say that this is essential to the night going well, while other feel that it is too stiff of a gesture. Here are some things to consider before making this decision.

1. Is my reception formal or somewhat informal. This will make a difference as if people are getting their own food they may like to then be seated where ever the end up. If the food is being brought to the guest then it may make more sense to assign seating.

2. It is important to consider if your guests will know each other and if they will be comfortable siting with individuals that they do not know. If you are doing a seating chart some recommend putting friends with friend and a family with family. Yet depending on your guests it would likely be nice to mix bride and grooms family and friends as this is a union between the two and everyone will be getting to know each other throughout the years.

3.How long will we spend eating and when will move into the celebration portion of the event? This is important as some of your guest will be interested in the celebration portion while others, for example elderly or those with young children may leave a little early or excuse themselves to a more quiet area of the reception. It is important to have this in mind if you chose to assign seating.

4.What special traditions or formalities will I be including in my reception. For instance, Brides who book with JAMMIN’ DJ’s NOCO are given planning forms to help them navigate, the bride and groom entrance and exit, the best man and maid of honor toasts, the first dance, mother and father dances, money dance and much more… It would be important to consider this if making seating assignments as well.

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