You have just begun the process of planning your wedding. There are several things to figure out during the process. The one that usually get’s pushed aside is the host or DJ for your event. Now, being a very experienced DJ for over 25 years in the industry, I have heard just about everything. It all starts with, well I was going to just plug in my Ipod and let the music just play, that will be fine right? The answer is “NO!”, why would you waste all that time planning a wedding reception and play your Ipod instead? Trying to save a few bucks?

Let’s start with some good reasons not to use your Ipod for your wedding and hire a real DJ for your wedding!

1.Your Ipod is a convoluted mess of songs that you have acquired over the years that you think everyone get’s down to. The truth is, not everyone likes the same music you do. Maybe, they don’t like to dance to songs you like to get down to. Everyone has that one tune when the DJ plays the track it just calls them out of the seat to get their mad-bridebutts to the dance floor. How confident are you that you have that song?

2. Your Ipod cannot read a crowd or control the flow of the dancing. It’s not like its sitting there watching and listening to what the crowd is saying. The common misconception with just running music without control of what track plays when can be the difference between and empty and a full dance floor. Even your best friends wont be out there getting down if you aren’t playing the right song at the right time. I’ve done several hundred weddings when the bride requests a song that she “swears” everyone will get out there and dance to. I sit back and just watch the dance floor empty before her very eyes. It’s a tragedy that we as “DJs” can fix, but honestly you shouldn’t have to! Let the DJ find what’s working and what’s not working!

3. Your Ipod cannot make your announcements for you either. I can’t speak for all DJ companies, but with JAMMIN’ DJs Northern Colorado we offer our bridal party a wireless mic for toasting and we will make all the major announcements for our events. When there are 100 of your closest friends and family there for your special date, the last thing you are going to want to do is yell out across the room to get everyones attention and hope that they hear you!

4. You need someone who can make your special night one to remember by taking all the hassle out and hosting the event for you. For the small fee of the DJ service you can sit back, relax and enjoy your evening.

Let JAMMIN’ DJs Noco take the pain away and provide you with our award winning service. Get more information today and a FREE consultation to make sure your in good hands.