You hear it all the time, every time you ask a DJ, “Do you have any reviews I can read?” If your not asking that question, you should. Having a DJ who is willing to let you form your own opinion based on past clients is the only way to find the right DJ. Otherwise you should hire your cousin Bobby who is mixing the 1’s and 2’s in his basement at his moms house. That sounds like it can go well!

A qualified DJ service has a reputable background with the leaders in the entertainment industry. They have a proven track record that speaks for itself based on best of weddings 2017 DJ Entertainment Companythe amount of reviews they have spread across the internet. Now I’ll give it some DJ’s are new and don’t yet have the time invested or the business established, but that is where you separate the professionals from the beginners. Now maybe they have been doing weddings for 10 years and they are just starting their business. That’s fine, but they still haven’t established their business and what that business means to them. They can’t call themselves reputable, because they don’t have a reputation yet! They haven’t dedicated time and effort into establishing their name as a business and earned the right to call themselves a “Professional DJ service

JAMMIN’ DJs has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, with an established online and offline presence. We are heavily reviewed on Wedding Wire, The Knot, Google, Facebook and more. We have taken the time to build our reputation for being an “Award Winning DJ Service” and we have proven it time and time again.