Wedding-venueYou want your wedding day to be your own version of perfect right? After all it is a day that you and your lifelong partner will remember forever. The place you have  the wedding then is really important. Your wedding venue should represent who you are as a couple or at least be able to make the transformation for the event.

As you begin to research what venue you may like there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Are you looking to be indoors or outdoors? If you are indoors you do not have to worry about unexpected weather, however you do have to concern yourself with the lighting and ambiance.

2. How many will be on your guest list? This is one of those very tricky questions as it seems that the more you think about it the larger the list you could have. Does your venue comfortably fit the number of people your planning to invite?

3. What is included in the venues packages? Do they provide catering or any other services? Most venues will provide certain amenities with their packages. If they do not provide them, they will often times have a preferred vendors list that will be very helpful as the list of vendors on that list will be people who are familiar with the venue and have established a working relationship.

4. Is this location easy to find and can most of my guest access it easily? Many venues are very well known, however there are some area’s that may be a little more tucked away. It is important to think about this in terms of getting guests in and out safely and efficiently.

5. What do you want you reception to  be like? For each couple this will be vary different. Some couples desire to experience a formal dinner with dancing afterward. While other couples chose to have a more casual style buffet and dancing into the night for all. If you are looking for a DJ service to provide you with all that you are look for please call JAMMIN’ DJS Northern Colorado for a free consultation at 720-209-3130. We are happy to help with any of your planning needs!