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Call Us: 720-209-3130
Call Us: 720-209-3130
  1. dj_bg3

    Who should DJ our School Dance in Northern Colorado?

    Picking the right DJ for you school dance is important. I mean you want someone who is relevant and connects with the students, but someone who is appropriate and who will provide quality service as well. Just recently I spoke with students to find o…Read More

  2. seating

    Helpful hints about assigned seating at a wedding

    Should I assign seating for my reception or not? This is always a hard decision and people opinions vary greatly on this issue. Some say that this is essential to the night going well, while other feel that it is too stiff of a gesture. Here are some…Read More

  3. 9

    Why picking the right wedding venue is important

    You want your wedding day to be your own version of perfect right? After all it is a day that you and your lifelong partner will remember forever. The place you have  the wedding then is really important. Your wedding venue should represent who you …Read More

  4. 642U0683

    5 Tips to help you make sure your wedding entertainment is top notch!

    OK, its only a year away, how far in advance should the planning have started?   We've all asked ourselves this question! The answer is simple, you should have been planning already! When you start your planning for the wedding there is a proces…Read More

  5. top-rated-DJ

    What to do when a DJ Cancels?

    That dreaded feeling when you have spent months and months of preparations on finding the right DJ entertainment for your wedding. You searched to find a discount for a cheap DJ for your wedding and now they have done the unthinkable...Cancelled! Oh …Read More

  6. 16

    How To Know Your Booking The Right Wedding DJ

    This may be the single most frequently asked question when I am interviewing a bride for her upcoming wedding! The bride and Groom always ask, why should I book you over someone else? This for me is an easy question. Why should I buy a new car instea…Read More

  7. top-rated-DJ

    How to Save Hours of Time With Your Wedding DJ

    First of all congratulations on your wedding! In getting prepared for your wedding there are some factors that most brides, grooms and parents don't think to ask. You could be booking the wrong DJ or spending too much money for a DJ for time that you…Read More

  8. Loveland DJ Service

    How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Weddings

    When planning a wedding there are several moving parts that need to come together before saying the magic words...I'm Ready! There are several event venues to choose from. Finding a location can be as easy as a word of mouth referral from one of your…Read More

  9. jammin-northerncolorqado-Hero-bg

    How To Set The Right Expectation For Your Wedding Entertainment

    Today we are going to talk about what you should expect from your wedding vendors. There are so many things to think about when you are picking who is going to do the flowers, who is going to cook the food and who is going to set the tone to host the…Read More

  10. dreamstime_xxl_27629584

    Your Wedding Entertainment Guide To Picking Entertainment

    What is the one of the most important days of your life? What does that day mean to you? These are a few of the questions to ask yourself when you are picking the right entertainment for your wedding! So, now that you have answered those two question…Read More

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